Episode 3

Tamil Bible Study - John 9:41 - Day 03

Primary Bible verse for the study.

John 9 : 39-41


Point 02 -  WORSHIP GOD 

Why should we worship God?

No one has seen God, but through Jesus Christ we are called to worship God.

John 1 : 18


Our relationship with Jesus Christ is similar to a husband and wife relationship.

Ephesians 5 : 22


What happens when we worship God?

The enemy will leave us and go away.

Matthew 4 : 10,11


What happen when we don't worship God?

We are drawn away by our own desires and are tempted.

James 1 : 12-15

Submit to God; resist the devil.

James 4 : 7 

The blood of Jesus Christ helps us to know God.

What does it mean to worship God?

1 - Renewing of our mind by his word.

Submit our lives to be hold to Jesus Christ.

1 John 3 : 10


He will send his word and heal us.

Psalm 107 : 20


Those He loves, He will rebuke and chasten.

Revelation 3 : 19-20


2 - Your thoughts should be strengthened by truth.

Mediate on the word day and night.

Psalm 1 : 2


Word will cleans our way.

Psalm 119 : 9


David strengthened himself in the Lord.

1 Samuel 30 : 6


Word of God can give us life and make us new.

John 6 : 68


3 - Purify your imagination by His beauty.

Jesus Christ is bigger than our problems.

Romans 1 : 18-20


4 - Open our hearts for his love.

To express our love, we need to first receive Gods love.


5 - Submission to God.

Worship is completed in submission.

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