Episode 2

Tamil Bible Study - John 9:41 - Day 02

Primary Bible verse for the study.

John 9 : 39-41


Jesus Christ is jealous to save us.

James 4 : 5


Sin creates a barrier between us and God. When we turn towards God in repentance, the veil is lifted up.

2 Corinthians 3 : 14-18


We are chastened and corrected by God everyday.

Psalm 73 : 14


Jesus came to mee the blind man without him asking for help.

John 9 : 6



1.1 Acknowledge and understand that Jesus Christ wants to save us


Are we willing to go towards Jesus Christ?

John 5 : 36-40


Is our heart hardened? Are we seeing things from Gods perspective?

Romans 2 : 5


God loved the world so much, that He choose us sinners and gave his only son to become a curse for us.

John 3 : 16


Jesus Christ is the solution to our problems. Jesus Christ wants our life to be easy and light

Matthew 11 : 30


Have we kept the lord in our right side? If so we will not be moved.

Psalm 16 : 8


We are unable to do the good we want to do and we do the bad we don't want to do. What is our solution?

Romans 7 : 23-25


Walk according to the Spirit. Do what he says. Trying to come out of sin is not the focus.

Romans 8 : 1


He will lead the blind by ways they have not known.

Isaiah 42 : 16


Jesus Christ loves us more than how much we love our selves.

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