Episode 15

Tamil Bible Study - John 9:41 - Day 15

Bible verses


Primary Bible verse for the study.

John 9 : 39-41


I will not leave you orphans. He will not abandon us.

John 14 : 18-20


Even while facing death they did not fear the enemy.

Revelation 12 : 9-11


My focus is to look at the beauty of the Lord and dwell with Him.

Psalm 27 : 4


He who does not believe Christ is already condemned.

John 3 : 16-18


We were children of wrath.

Ephesians 2 : 3


Jesus Christ will cleans us from our dead works.

Hebrews 9 :14


Wretched man > Serving the law and sin > Walk according to the Spirit.

Romans 7 : 24,25 - 8 : 1


We glory in tribulations.

Romans 5 : 1-5


The psalmist says he was chastened every morning.

Psalm 73 : 14

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